Mining for Gold

“Imagine with me a desolate land – rock, sand and dirt as far as the eye can see. Underneath lies gold, silver and platinum, enough to make wealthy the prospector who knows where to set his pick.”

… So begins the story of Frank Compton, turn of the century Nevada miner. I recently told his story to the children of First Assembly of God church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to help them understand what I do for Royal Family KIDS.

Foster children are the invisible populous within society. Unless one works with (or for) these disenfranchised children, one would barely know they exist. Foster kids move from placement to placement feeling increasingly detached and out of place, which takes a toll on their feelings of self-worth. Like the desert landscape, there is a treasure which lies beneath the surface.

Through Royal Family KIDS we dig through the hard surface and unearth the hidden value of these precious kids. At the hundreds of camps throughout the United States and around the world, volunteers take a week’s vacation to spend with children in an effort to demonstrate their worth. Most adults in a foster child’s life are compensated for their effort, but not the Camp and Mentoring Club staff. It’s part of what we do to make them know they are valuable, lovable and worth the time and energy.

This coming year we have prospective host churches in the states of Florida, Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana and others. We have people from another Las Vegas area church expressing an interest, which would be great news to the 5,000 foster kids of Clark County, Nevada. Other prospective camp hosts are people from Anchorage, Alaska, the state with the highest child abuse rate nationally, and one at the other end of the country in Hawaii.

Each one represents hope for the foster children who need to know they matter enough for someone to dig deep and unearth the hidden treasure.

Thank you for partnering with us on this journey bringing healthy relationships to foster children through Camps, Clubs and Mentoring.


One thought on “Mining for Gold

  1. Sheri

    I just watched the movie Camp and I was blown away by what I saw. I was expecting a cheesy Christianese movie with a predictable storyline filled with lots of bad acting and stereotypes. Instead what I experienced was the heart and pain of a child with a broken heart and how pure love can reach into the brokenness and bring joy and healing. I would like to know how much it costs to sponsor a child for camp? while I may not be able to cover the whole week I would like to find a way to contribute to help these precious ones feel loved. Thank you for all you do to minister to Gods kids. Be blessed and have an awesome day!



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