A Flickering Smile

ONE LOOK AT CALEB AND YOU COULD FEEL HIS OVERWHELMING PAIN: his eyes held a sadness no eight-year-old child should have to bear. His silence spoke volumes. He couldn’t look any adult in the eye.

But as the week of Royal Family KIDS Camp progressed, so did Caleb. A flickering smile. The flash of a dimple. A chuckle he just couldn’t contain. We watched with joy as Caleb opened up, let down his guard and became … a “regular” kid. That’s what happens when hurting children begin to heal – when they feel safe, when they experience real love.

One afternoon at camp, Caleb was digging in the sand near the water. His Counselor asked what he was doing. Caleb said, “I’m digging for pirate treasure.” His Counselor replied, “What will you do with the treasure once you find it?” Caleb, not missing a beat in his intense pursuit of treasure, said, “I am going to buy myself my own Royal Family KIDS Camp so I never have to leave.”