Scott-Tricia-MurrishScott Murrish, an active Royal Family KIDS Ambassador, walked into a classroom full of high school freshman to give a two-day presentation on “Sexuality, Health and Relationship Education.” Tough topic. Tougher audience. He immediately recognized a former camper, Brianna*, who was 15. She saw Scott and gave him a reassuring “thumbs up.” With that, Scott dove into a well-put-together and compelling discussion on how these young students can reserve their hearts, minds and bodies for the best future relationship possible: marriage. A segment of this hard-hitting but compassionate curriculum deals very honestly with sexual abuse. In the middle of this difficult part of the lecture, Brianna shocked the room as she stood up. With tears in her eyes, she boldly thanked Scott for so clearly sharing how kids are often abused with no one to stand up for them. Scott’s heart melted at her courage! He says, “Eight years earlier, Brianna came to Royal Family KIDS Camp as a little girl who was repeatedly abused and neglected. Shy and withdrawn, she wouldn’t even play with other children. But now, she is filled with confidence and boldness. This change is nothing short of amazing! After class she told me how she can’t wait to graduate so she can become a Volunteer at Camp. Thanks for helping transform Brianna’s life!”