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Just how much impact can a mentor have?

Often times, it can be hard to read a child and how they are feeling about a particular situation. So imagine the incredible blessing when Michelle, a one of our mentors, received a handwritten card from her mentee, affirming Michelle for always being an uplifting and caring supporter in her life! Here is her story:

“I was wondering how my mentee was feeling about the mentoring program since she seems bored a lot of times we hang out. They canceled on me hanging out with her the last couple of times and I often find out after we’re already hanging out that she had to skip out on something fun to hang out with me. We don’t always get reassurance when we’re mentoring so I know I’m extra blessed to have received this card from her when I was questioning things.”

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What an amazing story and what a difference one mentor can make in the life of a child!

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