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Mentor Story – New Family!

How amazing it is to see God’s faithful answer to prayer?! Here’s a story of one couple’s journey through their experience at Royal Family Kids to be united with their new family!

“Jesse and Sarah are a couple that have volunteered at our camp for the last few years coming to the RFK training.  After camp last year, they started the classes to become licensed foster parents.  They are both in their late 20s and do not have children of their own. During this process they kept calling and checking on a set of siblings that have been attending camp for a few years.  These kids were to be adopted right after camp but the adoption did not go through.  These kids have had a few failed adoptions and have been in foster care for the past 5 years.  Jesse and Sarah pursued getting approved to adopt these children and they just found last week that they have been APPROVED!  Sarah said that is has been GREAT because during this very involved process of getting approved they have been able to talk about Royal Family Kids Camp to foster care adoption workers.  Sarah says she thinks that they were picked not only because of them as a couple but because of the support they have received from RFK and our church.  It is so exciting!  These children will be in such a great home and become a part of a very large extended and close family.  Many of which live in walking distance to Sarah and Jesse.

God is so good to our campers, RFK and everyone involved.  I am thankful I get to be on front lines to see these amazing stories happen.