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treat ppl royally

Treating People Royally

The stories coming out of our Royal Family Kids Camps are so amazing!! Here is an update from our Camp in Manhattan, KS:

“We had a red carpet entrance for our Royal Supper. We announced their name and what their name meant. Little girls, who were in formal dress-up dresses, were escorted down the red carpet to their supper table by some of our men volunteers. Girls were later crowned with tiaras (not toy ones) as God’s princesses and boys knighted into God’s army. One boy, E, his name means “strong”. He has struggled Monday and Tuesday with being smaller than other boys, not able to ” accomplish” much in his eyes. He commented to his counselor “My name means strong?” He has much more self confidence today. It was fun to see the girls at breakfast today with their tiaras on. We are ‪#‎treatingpeopleroyally‬

**The picture: “Getting ready for our first Royal Banquet!!! We are crowning our girls as Princesses of God and Knighting our boys as Knights in God’s Army. What a special moment for these kiddos to be given such a special significance! Praying they hold on to this throughout their lives as a moment of meaning and identity!”


Camp Reflections


Janel Pahl’s special treatments and decorative enhancements give her images a distinct, original look that is sure to be popular with art enthusiasts. Photography has been her main art for over 30 years, but recently, along with her photographs, she has added hand made papers, encaustic waxes and acrylic paints to create images with texture, depth and warmth. Janel was featured in Décor Magazine as one of 2009 Artists to watch for. She was quoted, “My style is focused on natural and dramatic lighting , which evokes emotion.” The creative treatments give the viewer a sense of reality, but also convey painterly effects with emotion. “My goal as an artist is to cause one to pause, take a second look and rest in a pure form of beauty.” Janel Pahl is a Master Photographer and a national judge for the Professional Photographers of America. In addition, she is a teacher of photography and has inspired aspiring and professional photographers around the world. She has presented her workshops in Canada, Italy, Korea, England,Ireland and throughout the United States. Her images have won numerous national and international awards. Along with her portraits, Janel’s fine art images are published with the Canadian art group, Winn Devon.

And yet, more than her amazing talent, she has this grace-filled, beautiful spirit. This will be Janel’s 18th summer to serve at Royal Family KIDS Camp in Costa Mesa, California. These reflections are just a small sampling of what she writes. She doesn’t write them to be read. However, every year her Camp Director, Bill Richardson, convinces her to share them at the Camp Counselor meeting on the last morning of camp. This year, we were able to convince Janel to give us a week’s worth of reflections for all of us to share.

Omaha Camp photo

Camp is officially in session!

Camps are officially underway this week!! Please continue to pray over the kids and our volunteers. And continue to share your camp’s pictures and stories with us on social media by tagging @RFKids and using ‪#‎rfkids‬.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how things are going at our camp in Omaha:

Dear Praying Friends,

We had another great day at camp today. After a cool, breezy morning the sun came out for swim time at the lake!
We had a very fun talent show with the kids tonight. Each cabin group came up and performed a song, skit, or other talent.
Everyone cheered loudly for each act.

Here are some fun quotes and stories from today.

– in the camper workbook there was a question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Camper D. looked over and asked “How do you spell camp counselor?”

– one of the girls turned to her camp counselor at lunch today and said “Can we stay here until we are 68 years old?”

– Camper A. was at the fishing dock holding her pole and standing very still watching the bobber for a long time. This really impressed her camp counselor because she can be pretty fidgety. Suddenly she caught a fish. Then she smiled and said “God was just telling me to be patient and so I just waited”

We are thankful for:
– girl camper M who has had two very good days even though she was coming out of a very difficult time in her life recently.
– a great team of volunteers who is really connecting well with the kids
– good health and safety for all of the campers
– kids that are asking questions about the Bible stories and wanting to grow in their knowledge of the Lord

Please pray for:
– boy Camper C. who has had a few anger and crying episodes each day…that he would know the peace that Jesus offers
– girl Camper S. who is withdrawn, we know she has suffered several losses in recent months
– for boy Camper M. who said he doesn’t believe in God, but is starting to ask more spiritual questions
– a few staff that have been sick and feeling weak

Below…Story Teller Amy is sharing the Bible account of Esther and also stories of Daniel, both of which fit in our Royal Kingdom Theme.
And…Dallas is helping a camper in woodworking. The kids are building basketball hoop table games.
And…we are preparing special gift bags for “Everybody’s Birthday” tomorrow.

We’re excited to see how God moves in the lives of our campers and counselors this week!