treat ppl royally

Treating People Royally

The stories coming out of our Royal Family Kids Camps are so amazing!! Here is an update from our Camp in Manhattan, KS:

“We had a red carpet entrance for our Royal Supper. We announced their name and what their name meant. Little girls, who were in formal dress-up dresses, were escorted down the red carpet to their supper table by some of our men volunteers. Girls were later crowned with tiaras (not toy ones) as God’s princesses and boys knighted into God’s army. One boy, E, his name means “strong”. He has struggled Monday and Tuesday with being smaller than other boys, not able to ” accomplish” much in his eyes. He commented to his counselor “My name means strong?” He has much more self confidence today. It was fun to see the girls at breakfast today with their tiaras on. We are ‪#‎treatingpeopleroyally‬

**The picture: “Getting ready for our first Royal Banquet!!! We are crowning our girls as Princesses of God and Knighting our boys as Knights in God’s Army. What a special moment for these kiddos to be given such a special significance! Praying they hold on to this throughout their lives as a moment of meaning and identity!”