RFKC Bus Pic

One Week – All the difference…

Royal Family KIDS Camps are well underway this summer and already making a difference for so many campers! Here is a great story about the impact of a week at RFKC and how a mother believes it has a lasting impact on her child:

“I followed behind the bus back to church at the end of camp, parking one street over from the church because the church parking lot was full.  As I came into the church parking lot, a mom came towards me walking with her daughter, one of our campers. She was listening to her daughter talk quickly and excitedly about camp. The mom stopped me and asked me to wait a moment until she got her child into the car. She came to me and told me that this was her child¹s second year at camp and that her child had talked about camp the entire previous year, remembering and sharing her photo album and big moments and small moments about camp. Her Mom said, “I can¹t give my child much. I haven¹t even been able to keep her safe, but you¹ve enabled me to give her this week of camp, and it is the best thing she¹s ever known.  Thank you.”