Forgiveness Realized

Through Royal Family KIDS Camps, God is able to make a significant impact in the lives of these children. Here is another story about how one week, one child, one moment can last a lifetime!



We had been singing “I Will Change Your Name” each day in our chapel times. During chapel time on Thursday, I was sitting on the stage while everyone was writing down things they wanted to give to God. Beth (named changed for protection) came and sat beside me and started giving her “Testimony” using the words to the song. She wasn’t singing, but just saying the words. I will never forget what she said. She said, “I was Wounded”  (she did the motions to the song with her hands). She said, “My heart was broken into a million pieces and only Jesus has the Super Glue to put it back together, I was Lonely and Afraid, (Motions again), now I am Confident, and Joyfulness ( motions again).”  I said, “Now you are “One Who Seeks My Face”. She said, “No you forgot one!” then she did the motions for “Overcoming One” and said the words then she said, “One Who Seeks My Face”.  She went back to her seat and began to tell her counselor some of the things her step dad had done to her. Then she looked at her and said, “I used to wish my step dad would go there,” and pointed down (to hell). “But if the Pastor can forgive his stepdad then I think I can forgive mine.” If Beth had been the only camper we had, every dollar and every effort would have been worth it all for that precious little girl. I know that God hand-picked her to be there to let her know how much He loves and cares for her!