Heart Hands

In God’s Hands

This week we have a story from the Royal Family KIDS Camp in Alaska!
Camp Testimony from Female Cousin (Counselor):

“It was a bittersweet camp this year – I was so blessed to have the same two campers I had last year, and one was graduating camp and moving out of state because she was being adopted. On graduation day we both cried because it was her last time at camp. She kept asking “Why does there have to be an age cutoff? I just want to be at Royal Family forever”. Through the tears, I told her this was super exciting because now she was equipped to go out and serve other kids and show them God’s love! Also, during the last night, lying in bed heartbroken, I kept imagining that tomorrow these kids would be walking out from under the safe umbrella that is RFK and back out into their lives, unprotected, unsafe, potentially harmed. I couldn’t stand the unfairness of it and asking God, “Why in the world am I so blessed?” My co-cousin offered a life-changing perspective. We have the opportunity to meet these kids and for a week, sow as much love into their hearts as we can. After that, it is out of our hands, but not out of God’s hands. Having met them, we can now lift them up in prayer by name and trust that they are in God’s hands. How encouraging! Thank you RFK for the opportunity to show God’s love in a tangible way.”