Positive Changes

“I just wanted to thank all of the Royal Family KIDS Camp staff and volunteers for all that you do for kids. I’ve had a few kids that go to the camp and all of them LOVE the experience!

I’m writing today because I had a home visit with one of the children on my caseload on Tuesday. This particular boy has had behavioral issues since coming into care over a year ago. He refused to bond with his foster mother and was consistently in trouble at school and daycare. I would go over for a visit and he would hang his head and not want to interact. He had a very bad attitude in his foster home and had become defiant. And then….God.

I literally saw a different child. He was upbeat, smiling and laughing. He had an air of confidence that he did not have before. He was so excited to show me his scrapbook from camp and name all the new friends he met. He and his sister even showed me every song/cheer they learned at camp. His foster mother reported he has done a complete 180. She said she knows it was the camp experience and the many prayers that were said for him. She said she is so glad she didn’t give up on him and I am too. My heart was so full after that visit with him.

Thanks again. Royal Family KIDS Camp is a true blessing.”

– Case Worker