at the cross

I can talk to God!

One evening a counselor was reading the Bible with his camper (8) and asked the camper if he would like to talk to God.
“I can talk to God? I didn’t know that!”
“Yes, talking to God is called praying. I can show you how if you’d like,” the counselor replied.
“I would like that,” said the camper.
The counselor said a short prayer and then led the boy through a prayer of his own, letting the camper repeat after him.
“Will you write the prayer down for me so I can pray again sometime?” the camper asked when they were done.
“Of course I can. I can do it tomorrow.”
“Can you do it tonight? Please?”
The counselor wrote out the prayer on an index card during night relief that night and gave it to his camper in the morning. The camper then said the prayer, using the card, for our lunch the following day.