Anything is possible!

“Our first year, I asked one of our campers, Danny, if he liked having camp on a college campus. He exclaimed, “Yes, I love it! It’s really pretty and it makes me want to go here.” 

I told him that he definitely could attend this college one day, but Danny said he couldn’t because his foster parents told him he was about to flunk out of fifth grade and would be flipping burgers for the rest of his life. For the rest of the week, we really worked to build up Danny’s self-esteem. A few weeks later, a couple from our camp became his foster parents. He immediately went from getting D’s and F’s to receiving A’s and B’s. It was clear that in order to succeed, Danny simply needed people in his life who truly loved and supported him. Today Danny is married and is a US Marine in the Special Forces. He visited us at one of our RFK trainings a few years ago to see everyone and thank them. God is doing wonderful things in his life”

-Rhonda Montgomery