God’s Beauty in the Details

“That first experience as a camp director was a big step on my journey from a self-centered life to a Jesus-centered life. I remember meeting Eric at that first camp. Eric was a nine-year-old foster child. I was sitting next to him during the birthday celebration for all of the kids. Gifts were handed out to each child. Eric had placed his gift box next to him and was slowly and carefully peeling back the seal on the envelope that was attached to the top of the gift. He pulled out the card and stared at the front of it for a long time. He then slowly opened the card and stared at the inside of the card. When he closed it and began staring at the front cover again, I grew anxious. 

“Eric,” I said, “Don’t you want to open your present?” 

He never once took his eyes off that card. He just said, “This is a birthday card. I have never had a birthday card before.”” 

– Richard Tizzano