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Breaking the Cycle with Clubs and Mentors

There is a continuous cycle of change and upheaval in the lives and relationships surrounding foster children, which has a lasting impact on them. Here at Royal Family KIDS Club and Mentoring, we have the opportunity to break that cycle.

Nine-year-old Matthew,* one of the first boys matched within the Club and Mentor program, was removed from his home just one month into club. He had assaulted his baby brother and was moved to a hospital program two hours away. His mentor—encouraged by his club team and determined to keep the promise to be “Royal friends until the last day of Club”—faithfully drove out to see him. The mentor was Matthew’s only visitor, the only friend who came just to play games and talk with a troubled child.

The next year, Matthew was able to move back home with support from Royal Family and church volunteers. This might not have been possible without the consistent visits from his faithful mentor.


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