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You can see this $100,000 Future Hope Matching Challenge comes at a critical moment … and what a great Christmas gift for children who have been abused, abandoned and neglected.

Dear Friends,

When you stepped in, things began to change! Lexi started out life unwanted, battered and bruised by a neglectful mother and her slew of abusive live-in boyfriends.

Her life continued to go downhill as she moved in with a new family that continued to abuse her. But thanks to friends like you, Lexi was able to attend Royal Family KIDS Camp … where one afternoon, she was dressed in a beautiful ball gown, invited to an elegant tea party — and received a new name: “Princess.”

When “Princess” Lexi went back to her abusive home, she held onto what she had learned at Camp:

“God didn’t create me for this. I am a Princess.”

Her new-found hope helped her overcome the difficult situation —

Today, our “Princess” Lexi is in her second year of college. She excels in her studies, and is bound for a future of helping others, the way she was helped — by you. Right now, you have the opportunity to help many more children like Lexi find hope for the future — through an amazing year-end matching challenge that will DOUBLE your online donation.

This is great news because right now we are preparing for …

  • 213 Royal Family KIDS Camps in Summer, 2015, serving 7,600 children in need.
  • 41 Royal Family KIDS Clubs in 2015, providing mentoring for 750 children throughout the school year.

With these crucial plans for the new year, it’s imperative that we finish 2014 in a position of financial strength — prepared and equipped to bring hope to more kids like Lexi.

You can see this $100,000 Future Hope Matching Challenge comes at a critical moment … and what a great Christmas gift for children who have been abused, abandoned and neglected.

Please consider giving a generous online donation now.

Your gift will be DOUBLED to give the gifts of love and a Future Hope to many more children like Lexi! Thank you for standing with us at an important time.

For the Children,

Chris Carmichael, President & Wayne Tesch, Co-Founder


What HOPE Looks Like

Britty first came to Royal Family KIDS Camp as a small 7-year old who had already endured more hurt and hopelessness than most in a lifetime. But here she made friends, and found hope and healing. She continued to attend Camp, and later the Mentoring Program offered by the volunteers from her Nebraska Camp until she was 15. The programs meant so much to her! When asked to give a creative answer to the question, “What does hope look like?”, Britty painted this portrait of a small girl being embraced in the arms of Jesus. She worked on the painting for two months, and painted it all with her fingers (see picture above). Her essay tells why she thinks hope looks just like Jesus and His love. Thanks for making it possible for Britty, and so many like her, to find their eternal hope, and be able to express it in painting!

What does hope look like?
Comfort. Strength. Peace. Three things that everyone needs. These three things can bring you closer to Christ, and closer to personal inner happiness. When I think about hope, I think of a child, holding on so tight to a loved one, that you might say they are one. Psalm 119:49 (NLT) says, “Remember your promise to me; it is my only hope,” and I think Christ is truly my last hope. He doesn’t care what you look like, where you’re from, who you are, what you do, what you say, what color your skin is, or any of those superficial things. He cares about what’s in your HEART! To me, hope is loving my God as he loves me.  — Britty’s Personal Reflection


Mining for Gold

“Imagine with me a desolate land – rock, sand and dirt as far as the eye can see. Underneath lies gold, silver and platinum, enough to make wealthy the prospector who knows where to set his pick.”

… So begins the story of Frank Compton, turn of the century Nevada miner. I recently told his story to the children of First Assembly of God church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to help them understand what I do for Royal Family KIDS. Continue reading