Royal Family KIDS is proud to have people like you who stand alongside us. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of children in foster care!

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Your support is very important to us. We want to see 100,000 kids experience a life-changing camp, club and mentors program. You can help us change the trajectory of children in need.

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Plant A New Camp – $5000

A new camp is the first step in creating a community around children of abuse. Wonderful memories and healing relationships are born at camp. After the first year, camps become self-sustaining and can last for decades – making this investment one of the best decisions you can make for many children to come. You are planting seed for a future harvest…. and “only God knows how many apples are in that seed…”

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Launch a New Club – $2500

When you launch a new club, you are helping us grow a successful camp into a Camp/Club/Mentors location. It’s one of the best investments possible in the life of a child. We can help you grow a current Camp program into a year-round community that provides a child with the only adults who are not paid to be in his or her life.

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Training Scholarship – $500

Often, we have dedicated volunteers who would love to come to training but cannot afford the travel to attend the nearest training sessions. You can help someone who has the passion and dedication (if not the funds) take the next step in becoming a hero to children of abuse and neglect.

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