We Thank You From the Bottom of Our Hearts!

Changing the Face of Foster Care in America: Your Return on Investment

We are seeking $100,000 to start 20 new camps in the next 3 years. Here are some Ways you can help:

1) Sponsor a new camp for $5,000.

It costs $5,000 to start a new camp. Each camp serves an average of 35 kids and sustain themselves year after year – with new kids arriving each summer. This means your initial donation to start a new Royal Family KIDS camp could serve 700 kids over
20 years. This is $7.14 per child (about the average cost of a fast food meal).

$5,000 = a NEW CAMP

2) Matching donation program for staff or your customers
3) Share your network with Royal Family KIDS

*We thank you for choosing Royal Family KIDS as your giving partner. All donations are eligible for tax advantages, and you will receive an email notification that we received your donation, and a receipt in the mail to keep with your tax records.