Royal Family KIDS in New Mexico

Royal Family KIDS currently 1 Camp in the state of New Mexico. However, there are approximately 2,269 children, ages 6-12 in the foster care system.   The average camp serves 45-50 children each summer. We have wonderful volunteers who have dedicated thousands of hours to reach America’s orphaned and abandoned children. In order for us to reach all the kids available to enroll in our program, we need to launch 44 more camps in this state!

You can make a enormous difference in the lives of these children by planting a camp in your area, or by sponsoring a new camp  If you have any questions, please contact us!


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Current Camp Location:

  • Roswell:  Camp #327 – Calvary Chapel of Roswell, Director: Jacob Roebuck, 2901 W 4th Street  Roswell, NM  88201, Phone:  (575) 623-8072  & Club #070  Mentor Director: Billy Kolker