Stats on Foster Kids

Below are some sobering statistics, as well as ways you can get involved to help us change the trajectory of children in the foster care system. We are so thankful for your help!

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Your support is very important to us. We want to see 100,000 kids experience a life-changing camp, club and mentors program. You can help us change the trajectory of children in need.

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2015 Royal Family KIDS Camps and Clubs Numbers

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Outcomes and Benefits

Campers/Club KIDS:

  • Provides life changing moments where kids can just be kids
  • Shows a picture of family life for those who haven’t experienced it
  • Replaces missing elements in their lives (i.e. attention, affirmation, happiness, positive memories, “basics” such as food, clothing, and emotional connectedness)


  • Brings the church and state together for a noble cause
  • Community sees the church in a new light, as a giver and a servant
  • Gives caregivers a respite break


  • Gets people involved – “out of the pew and involved with a purpose”
  • Builds faith in the members involved
  • Expands the church into the community

* Church Denominations: Assemblies of God • Baptist • Bible Church • Brethren • Calvary Chapel • Church of Christ • Charismatic • Christian • Church of God • Community • Congregational • Covenant • Episcopal • Evangelical Free • Four Square • Independent Four Square • Interdenominational • Lutheran Methodist • Missionary • Nazarene • Non-Denominational • Presbyterian • Southern Baptist • United Pentecostal Council of the Assemblies of God • Vineyard • Wesleyan

What is the cost of Child Abuse and Neglect in America?  Estimated $339 million per day! (view source)

* Total number of volunteer hours divided by 2000 which represents an approximate number of full-time non-paid yearly workers
**Social Capital is the number of volunteer hours multiplied by the IRS volunteer services in 2013 at the rate of $22.55.


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