Online Training Pilot Program

Welcome to BETA. Welcome to PILOT Programs! As you can see you are the test subject for this Online 101 RFK Training Series. This on-line training is not meant to replace the normal training. It was designed to help alleviate time and scheduling pressures from our amazing RFK Directors. We want to respect, reduce and raise (respect Director’s time, reduce the number of hours it takes to do operational tasks and raise the bar of excellence). That’s a huge goal – but you are helping us make that happen.

Everyone thinks putting these technological-feats-of-wonder together is easy and anyone can do it. We thought the same thing! Turns out it is NOT easy and not EVERYONE can do it. So we give you the 1.0 version. Be kind and be positive as you help us make this better. You can click on each screen-pic and it will take you directly that session’s training.

Oh, and by the way – these will NOT RUN ON AN iPAD or iPHONE (because of Flash)

Below the icons you’ll see a link to the HARD-COPY of the quiz questions. If for some reason (I can see many) the quiz at the end of the training does not print out properly, then you can download this (Old School) and take the quiz manually and hand carry it to your director.

for the fatherless,

Glenn Garvin & Jeff Juhala – frontiers in a digital land.


for The HOW TO TRAINING instructions

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The PDF paper version of the quiz is next if you need it for a back up. PAPER QUIZ

 Quiz questions for 101 sections